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Anna, you need Geoff Boycott’s Mother in your negotiating team

August 26, 2011

My friend is very upset with Anna. Just the other day he was literally eating out of Anna’s hands (while poor Anna was entering into his 10th day of fast) and this sudden change of attitude puzzled me.
He was upset that Anna was doing exactly opposite of what most smart corporates do. Instead of out-sourcing the non critical activities, Anna  had outsourced the most important task of negotiations to his 3 team members. In my friend’s view, ideally Anna should have made the 3 members do the fasting and should have negotiated himself.
Though I mildly protested at this harsh observation, I couldn’t help agreeing with my friend’s arguments. The basic principle of negotiation is not to accuse the party with whom you are negotiating till you are sure you are not going back to them again. The second principle is don’t make allegations which you can’t prove. Third is, keep the expectation level of your followers low so that every move is seen as a huge success. As per my friend, Anna’s team had failed in all three.
We decided to have a quiet dinner and out of decency, we switched off the TV so that we will not have the guilt of eating in front of a fasting 74 year old man. It was my duty to offer some solace to my friend – after all what are friends for. Even the new airtel ad advocates need of friends.
I asked my friend whether he had seen the recent test match performance of Suresh Raina in England and Geoffrey Boycott’s comments on his batting. Suddenly it became clear to him what I was hinting at. If Boycott’s mother can handle short pitched balls better than Suresh Raina, surely she can do negotiations better than Arvind Kejriwal and his two friends.
Now my friend is desperately looking for Boycott’s phone number.

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