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God, some how please make me an Indian

August 26, 2011

Post retirement life (especially when you retire at 46)  is great. No need of pretending that you carry the burden of this world and torturing your blackberry, wife and children in that order and secretly cursing your bosses for the measly salary hike and denying the richly deserved promotion.

The world suddenly is looking more beautiful than before. The flip side is -you end up watching all channels on TV and end up discussing everything under the sun with others who are equally jobless.

Anna Hazare has made my life miserable. I have friends and relatives who have strong views and talking about Anna means making somebody unhappy. Dhoni and his men were very good to me. They ensured the views and opinions of everybody remained the same – only the degree of abuses were different. Do I have any opinion on Jan Lokpal ?- as they say opinions are like your backside and everybody has one and I am no exception. Just that, like lakhs of people who are protesting even I have not read either the Jan Lokpal or the so called Government Lokpal. But I guess who cares? You should have a view if you are an Indian.

I like the stamina of Anna – fasting for 9 days (still counting….) and still addressing the crowd for 30 minutes a day is amazing. Last time I fasted for 1 day, I was struggling to talk coherently to my wife. It is another matter that my wife thought I was perfectly fine as I don’t make sense to her most of the times. Arvind Kejriwal looked more tired than Anna evn without fasting- I am sure he would have eaten a few biscuits in many of his so called negotiations. Anna has now become my role model. He is giving a run for money for most of the firms which offer public speaking courses. I am sure one of them will drag him to court for ruining their business.

Despite this detailed analysis, I am branded  a non-indian by my friends. Otherwise how the hell am I avoiding going to freedom park and waving the tri-colour ? May be I am very shy to show my support to Jan Lokpal – what if sombody asks me how it will solve day to day corruption ?. My friends tell me not to worry – nobody knows the difference between Lokpal (or did I hear Jokpal) and Jan Lokpal including the TV anchors. I just need to shout “Vande Mataram” and “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” whenever a cue is given. This will take away the stigma and make me a true Indian.

I have decided to try this. For starters I increased my prayer time by 15 minutes to add the additional request to god – “God, please make me an Indian and do it fast before Anna ends his fast”.  I almost heard an answer to my paryers – “Son don’t worry. With congress leaders still around for 3 more years, you will have many more chances to become an Indian “.  Now I am happy. I will become an Indian one day.


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