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5 Kgs of Kaaju Burfi but no takers

August 27, 2011

I am shocked that my friend who is the ardent follower of Anna called me an idiot after seeing me celebrating the victory of Anna over government. He even refused to eat the sweets that I was distributing. Here are his arguments : Anna started his fasting with the following demands

  1. Only Jan Lokpal bill has to be taken for discussion
  2. It has to be discussed by parliament and not the Standing committee
  3. The parliament has to pass the bill before 30th August

The government’s starting position was :

1. The starting point of discussion would be Lokpal bill draft of government

2. Standing Committee will see all drafts of Lokpal

3. They won’t agree to 30th deadline

Anna decided to fast against this decision. After fasting for 12/13 days, what did he get ????

1.Bill is referred to Standing Committee

2.Standing Committee will look into all drafts and not just Jan Lokpal draft of Anna

3.No commitment on any date by which the bill will be passed.

I protested saying Anna created a sense of awareness among the masses and corruption was brought into focus. He laughed wryly saying this didn’t require 13 days fast.

I protested again saying the parliament passed unanimous resolution on 3 issues. He pointed out that the resolutions passed were very “motherhood” in nature with no commitments and only in principle agreements with lots of caveats. Having spent 25 years in corporate world I knew what he was meaning. To add insult to injury, it was handed over to Anna by “Adarsh Scam” accused minister.

Reluctantly, I stopped distributing sweets. I had bought quite a few boxes. I called up the sweet shop and asked whether he was willing to buy back the sweets. He flatly refused.

I am now stuck with 5 Kgs of Kaaju Burfi. Any takers ?


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  1. Please bring leftover of kaaju

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