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God, don’t let the government bring back black money

September 1, 2011

There is an sms campaign going around saying if black money stashed abroad is brought back, India can become Singapore. My friend is almost shaken by this and is making his extra prayers that such a thing doesn’t happen.

His reasoning is very simple.We in India are really lucky compared to anyone else in any other part of the world. We have the best of both the worlds. Just look at some of the rights that we have without any responsibilities.

  1. we can happily spit on the road and whenever the pressure builds up we can relieve ourselves wherever we want
  2. we can actually drive on the foot path and park our vehicles in any manner that we wish
  3. we can play loud music in the guise of a festival celebration without a care in the world
  4. we can block any road with the construction material required for our homes or put up a pandal for small celebrations in the family
  5. we can jump out of a moving bus or run after a moving bus
  6. we can let our cattle loose on the road and expect people to worship it !!
  7. we don’t believe in queues and elbow anybody to get our things done
  8. we can party late into the night and not worry about our neighbour calling the police

and after this list of endless benefits……..

we can shout at the top of our voice about the lousy state of affairs in the country and blame the politicians and the administration for all our miseries.

According to him, god forbid, if india becomes Singapore, half of our population will run out of India.


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