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Mr. Nasser Hussain, you are confusing my friend’s 3 year old daughter…

September 3, 2011

My friend’s 3 year old daughter is now thoroughly confused. She was taught by her teachers, mother, father, aunties and uncles that Tortoise is the slowest animal. She was always warned to keep away from Donkeys because they ‘Kick”

Now, Mr. Nasseer Hussain has undone all this. Instead of calling indian fielders Tortoise, he called them donkeys. In fact his utterances have caused more concern to the 3 year old.  It was England players who kicked Dhoni’s men all over the place and beat them in all Tests and T-20. Did they not behave like donkeys ??

This was not expected of Nasser as he has an indian origin and knows perfectly well the capabilities of different animals. Unless, in UK the Tortoise kicks and the donkey is the slowest animal


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