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Anna, please start “fasting” again. We are “starved” for excitement

September 4, 2011

My cousins in Bangalore who are in early twenties are becoming restless and depressed. They keep going back to their electrifying experience of Anna’s movement a couple of weeks back.

Each one of them had a time of his life. Nobody in office to tell them to come on time, the memorable 17 kms long human chain when both the hands were held by pretty girls, chance to speak and converse with “intelligent” girls without taxing the brain were all part of the wonderful memory.

These were the days when you could go back to freedom park with the same pants and shirts day after day and the stink of the clothes and the socks worn had a different meaning – “smell of fight against corruption”. These were the days of almost no spending. After all freedom park was the place of fasting and how can you eat in front of brave men who were fasting to show their solidarity to Anna. The only expenses were for strepsil – to address sore throat and mouth freshners to overcome bad breath.

Now that the movement is temporarily put on hold, life is back to pre Anna days. Your manager frowns even if you are late for a few minutes to office, the same pretty girls who held your hand don’t even recognize you and every time you walk into department meeting, people give you their disapproving looks at your dress. No more “intelligent” debates with girls and life is a mess.

Now, they have a prayer on their lips – Anna, please start your fast again. We don’t care about the cause.

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  1. All good things must come to an end… I think your cousins should find other “causes” independent of Anna

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