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Even God is yielding to Anna’s pressures and probably making a blunder

September 7, 2011

The recent arrest of Janardhan Reddy is proving one thing – even god is yielding to Anna’s pressure. In fact, God is behaving exactly like the voters in Tamil Nadu and West Bengal in the recently concluded assembly elections. He has taken gifts from Reddy but did not “vote” for him.

This will have repercussions which god will regret later. Once corrupt people – here I mean all sorts of corruptness – realize that they can’t get any favours from god they will slowly move away from showering  him with gifts.

Although millions of people visit god in various branches of his world over and contribute to his fund, it is the A – category which comprises  probably 10% of big contributors which fills 80% of god’s coffers (this is exactly like the ABC classification in corporate world where A category customers though very small will contribute 80% of revenue).  By letting down Janardhan Reddy, god has caused a serious damage to his business model. He just can’t survive with C- category devotees like us who contribute anywhere between Rs. 10 and Rs. 100 per visit and that too once a month.

God’s existence in future will become non-viable unless he quickly engages himself in course correction. May he bless himself

  1. Anonymous permalink

    But remember that “God’s vision” is not going after the “low hanging fruits” and “hefty corporate profits” for his universe…Rather a selfless creator who desires human beings to love each other and co-exist peacefully!

  2. Dear Lazy Corner Person,
    God is now looking at a consumer centric model… Its like a volume game now…

  3. Happy Reader permalink

    I think what we conceive as “poor” business decisions on part of God (by not behaving like a Mumbai underworld “don” who gives “protection” in lieu of “money” ) to the Category A high volume donors is actually an advertisement of his marketing practice to motivate the Category “C” donors!!. For it is a non-profit organization for him run with inconceivable powers that no money can buy 🙂

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