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Karunanidhi might seek freedom fighter status for Kanimozhi

September 8, 2011

Now that CBI is struggling to establish money trail from Unitech to Kalaignar TV and enforcement directorate slapping a fine of paltry Rs.1.25 Cr,  it may be only a matter of time before Kanimozhi will walk out of Tihar jail with her “innocent smile”.

We seem to be moving from one end of the spectrum to another – CAG report saying loss to government on 2G at Rs.175,000 crores and experts giving TRAI their version – that government actually  earned a profit of Rs.7,500 crores in 2G spectrum allotment.  This is now like a T-20 match where India normally loses badly from a certain winning position.

What happens to people who were sent to jail ? If CBI can’t prove a case, they will come out of jail but what happens to the time spent in Tihar jail ? The law doesn’t permit CBI sleuths to be sent behind bars for bad assessment of crime and lousy investigation.

The only option available is to convert this jail term from “crime term” to  “freedom struggle” – after all they were all fighting for their freedom anyways.

One thing looks certain – Karunanidhi might insist that Kanimozhi be given a “freedom fighter” status so that at least her son can get privileges in colleges and work places. I am sure Rajathi Ammal will not settle for anything less.


  1. What a great bunch of freedom fighters… Kanimozhi, Raja and the goons from the CWG…

  2. Happy Reader permalink

    Envy her husband tho. Wife in jail and crores in hand.. truly a “crores-pati”!!

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