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Sachin, please don’t be L.K. Advani. Please retire -The truth is we are getting tired of you

September 10, 2011

We indians are very worried to speak our mind. Right from our childhood we are told a list of what to do and what not to do.

  1. Always listen to elders without arguing.
  2. Don’t question popular age old beliefs
  3. Don’t be a black sheep in the crowd – meaning just do what everybody does

This is just a small list and to this you can add one more – Don’t talk about Sachin Tendulkar’s retirement.

Hence it was shocking when my friend started questioning Sachin’s continued presence in Indian cricket team. According to him Sachin is now like L.K.Advani in BJP. You can’t ask Advani (who is already 86) to retire peacefully and at the same time can’t tolerate his insane speeches in parliament and outside. Why the hell his wife doesn’t tell him the truth – that he has become a pain in the back of even the most ardent followers of BJP. Or is it her selfish interest that is coming in the way ? If he retires, she has to bear with him 24 hours a day!!!.

Sachin is going in the same path. We love him for what he has done to indian cricket but there has to be an end to everything. It is difficult to watch him play these days and more difficult to bear his sudden decisions to pull out of games whenever he feels like. Kapil Dev frustrated us for a few years before retiring and now Sachin is doing the same.

Does it really matter whether you have 99 centuries or 100 ? Anyway, nobody will come anywhere close to it in future. My friend’s request to Sachin – just for that one additional century, Sachin please don’t pain us to death. For us 99 is more than 100.

I think my friend doesn’t know basic additions and I am certain he is “NOT an indian”  at heart although he looks like one.

  1. Happy Reader permalink

    funny..probably it is the wife’s selfish interest that is making Advani continue. bearing each other for 24×7 is a “pain” for normal people..forget politicians!! same applies to some of the bollywood actors..

  2. One idea is to upgrade a Ranji game to an international..have him play against Goa/Manipur and have him get his century.. I am sure BCCI has enough clout…

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