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Mr. Advani, if you start your rath yatra now, you will never see Parliament again

September 11, 2011

Mr. L.K. Advani – our eternal prime minister in waiting – has decided to restart his rath yatra. He seems to have overlooked two critical developments since his last yatra. One is that he has become older and definitely not fitter and the other is that the roads have become worse after the recent monsoon.

Normally, his rath (in this case a luxurious mini bus with everything except dancing girls) should not take more than 45 days to cover the country. Anyways the “country” for rath yatra is smaller than the real geographical boundary.

Mr. Advani will never be allowed to enter Uttar Pradesh by Mayawati and he himself would not want to go to Jammu & Kashmir. In West Bengal and North East nobody can identify him and it is purely a waste of time. Anybody with his senses right will avoid Andhra Pradesh now- what with half the state burning on “Telengana” issue.

This leaves only a handful of states to visit and in order to show that he was on the road for long duration of time he has to spend more time in BJP ruled state like Karnataka. But to spend time in Karnataka he doesn’t need Karnataka government’s permission but definitely requires both Kumaraswamy’s and Yeddyurappa’s permission. Because between the two of them they have most of Karnataka’s land.

But, I am sure Sushma Swaraj, Arun Jaitley and others in BJP are encouraging Advani for this yatra. They want to ensure that he is away from Delhi as long as possible. All of them are hoping that the bad roads of the country post monsoon will come to their aid and our “young man” of 86 will surely break a few bones and end up in bed for a longer duration.

But can our roads keep him in bed till the next general elections ? All in BJP are hoping for this but they miss Janardhan Reddy who could have persuaded Lord of seven hills with another diamond crown.

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  1. Advani is referred to in Churumuri as “The Former Almost PM of India”

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