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Who said with blurred vision you can’t see cash ?

September 13, 2011

I have a few friends who behave as if they are the “conscience” keepers of our great nation. Their new crib – how can our cricketers who came back from England badly bruised both mentally and physically play in Champions trophy ?

I just can’t understand this logic. What has losing a series (all forms of cricket) got to do with making money ? Take the case of our dear Gautam Gambhir. He seems to have a blurred vision and finds it difficult to bat especially when the cricket ball is  hurled at close to 145 Km per hour from 22 yards. In T20 which batsman sees the ball ? The only time when your vision has to be good is when the cheque is issued in your name and you want to ensure whether enough zeroes are there as promised. Anyways, cheques are given reluctantly (post realization of great mistakes committed by our successful industrial houses and bollywood stars) and never hurled at 145 kmph. Infact, Gambhir may have to snatch it from the hands of his sponsor.

Harbhajan is unfairly targeted. The way he bowled in the first two tests, I don’t think he would have been playing again in England. I am not surprised if Dhoni was already in discussion with Geoff Boycott’s mother for coaching our sardar. Bajji had to come back to avoid the embarrassment. Anyway in the last couple of years Bajji’s body is turning more than the balls that he bowls. It is rumoured that “Maa ki” Symonds is insisting that Bajji should play at any cost.

Lastly our own “Mumbai -ki-Shaan” Tendulkar. It looks like BCCI has decided to upgrade one of the IPL games into a test match status so that he can score his 100th test century. This news is given by one of my closest friends and if you don’t like this I can send his residential address for you to vent out your anger. If Sacchin has to score a century in 20 overs he should keep hitting beyond the boundary and no need of running. So, why the toe problem is unnecessarily discussed here.

My friends seem to take everything seriously and they are hypocrites. After all have we all at some point of time in our life feigned injury (loosely worded for “head ache” ) to avoid meeting unwanted friends and then shamelessly partying with “fairer sex”. Here fairer sex is replaced by cash.

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  1. Upgrading IPL will not help unless he can bat both sides…

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