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Is Rahul Gandhi the “Rohit Sharma” of Indian Politics ?

September 15, 2011

The balance 3 of the big five of indian cricket are almost retiring (Sachin… are you listening ?). There is a scramble to find replacements for them. Finding replacements for Sachin, Dravid and Laxman are not easy when we still have not found replacements for the 2 already retired – Saurav and Kumble

One of the most talked probable replacement is Rohit Sharma. He has managed to disappoint everybody over the years despite his talent. He continues to be called “talented youngster” for the 5th year running. He is like the “Indica” car which kept getting the “most improved car” award every year for quite some years. Nobody knows whether it ever got the “No more improvement required” award.

Rohit Sharma has the talent of fracturing his finger with the only ball he faced in England. Will he ever become a regular in Indian cricket is Rs.1 crore Kaun Banega Crorepati question.

Our “Amul baby” Rahul Gandhi is like Rohit Sharma in Indian politics. He continues to confuse people with his alternate bouts of meeting riot hit farmers and strange “game changing” arguments in politics. Like Rohit Sharma, he also “politically fractured” himself in the only meaningful parliament speech he made during the famous fast of Anna Hazare.

Like Rohit Sharma, Rahul alone can either make it to the top job or not. Like Rohit, he continues to frustrate those who have spotted his talent. The only consolation for Rahul is unlike Rohit Sharma, he doesn’t have any competition from anybody in Congress and his only remote competition can come from Mr. Narendra Modi.

Let us wait for the day when the similarity ends. Probably when Rohit Sharma makes it to the test side on a permanent basis. That has a higher probability than Rahul making it to the PM post.


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  1. Rohit Sharma has talent..Rahul Gandhi has no talent only genes..

  2. Happy Reader permalink

    So true. Rohit has some talent to build upon and prove..else bid farewell to his career..
    in case of Rahul, its no responsibility, no accountability and no talent…only eligibility for power in the name of his ancestors..
    Modi actually displays what happens when the rubber hits the road..

  3. In my view, Modi is like Varun Aaron the new fast bowling prospect for India – very successful in T20 format but yet to be tested at test level

  4. Happy Reader permalink

    Yeah..but atleast a good “proof of concept” has some promises to a “better product”.

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