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Dhoni and his men can now advertise for “Tide” detergent powder

September 16, 2011

Dhoni and his boys are playing their last one day match in England today. Dhoni has lost the toss again and has proved to the world that there is no such mathematical concept called “probability” – he has lost the toss 5 times in a row. Of what use is the concept probability if it doesn’t help Dhoni to win a toss even once even after he called “heads” every time and still lost the toss.

I seriously think that indian team should have played the one day matches in white dress instead of colour dress. The series is now going to be another “white Wash” and the dresses would have become whiter and whiter after every match just like tide detergent bar which improves the whiteness after every rub.

I am sure Dhoni will go straight to Anna Hazare on his return to India. Anna managed to keep the limelight away from Indian cricket by almost sacrificing his life through his fast of 11+ days. Imagine what would have happened if everybody had focussed on cricket only.

This makes me think that the allegation of Congress that RSS funded Anna’s fast is completely wrong. If at all some doubt has to be cast, it should be on Dhoni. He was the sole beneficiary of the fast.

Now that the series is almost over, all the indian players who are still not injured will be glad to be back in India. True to our indian spirit, we will forget this quickly and start cheering them in champions trophy and start fooling ourselves that soon we will be number one again.

After all life is always lived on hope

  1. Actually you will see the injured ones make a quick recovery as well..after all “paise ki maamla hai”….

    • They can then advertise for “Zandu Balm”

  2. Happy Reader permalink

    Or even make an entry into films (which flops!)

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