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Idiots can also be very educated

September 21, 2011

It is very common to attribute the word “idiot” to lack of education. Any act which looks stupid makes one believe that it was done by a person who lacked basic education.

But, in reality this is not always true. Take the case of an young girl who committed suicide just because her boy friend dumped her on facebook.

This girl was a graduate from IIT Kharagpur, worked in Infosys and was studying MBA in the prestigious Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. Obviously must have been a very intelligent girl based on the popular definition of “intelligence”. If she didn’t have control over her emotional status, what good would she have achieved by doing her MBA ?. What about her parents ? Forget the emotional trauma -didn’t they invest their time and energy to bring this girl up by probably sacrificing quite a bit like most indian parents ?

When lakhs of students fail to make it to these institutions, the ones who get in should treat it with some respect. May be it is time to change the criteria for selection into these institutions.

As far as the boy friend is concerned, he has proved that he is a bigger idiot. Social Networking is not for sharing your “heroics” which can cause serious emotional pain to others.

It may sound harsh but if a girl can commit suicide over a trivial issue like a boy friend dumping her on facebook, then she didn’t deserve to live in the first place.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Because intellectual capacity is not an indication of one’s social skills, maturity or internal security.
    If our education system and our families taught social skills in the same way as they teach maths and science, we would have much better personalities with the ability to handle failures as sportingly as successes!!

    • Very true. Hope our education system will change one day.

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