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Mr. Shoaib Akhtar, you should have consulted Shane Warne

September 23, 2011

All Indian cricket fans are upset with Shoaib Akhtar because in his autobiography he has said that Sachin was scared of him. I don’t want to be a black sheep and hence I am also upset. After all, Sachin is god of cricket and we have been told from our childhood days that god fears nobody.

But, what puzzles me is Shoaib Akhtar’s lack of common sense. His cricketing life is over and hence he gains no psychological advantage over Sachin by such utterances. If I am not wrong, he is not earning by way of advertisements and his only hope of making money is by selling his autobiography.

Where all can he sell the book ? In Pakistan, nobody is bothered about cricket anymore. In UK, nobody with his senses right will take Shoaib seriously. The only other place where large number of copies can be sold is India – remember, we are a billion plus people.

If India is your target market to sell the books, then why the hell do you want to annoy the Indian fans by targeting Sachin ?. Even Bal Thackeray tried this once and failed. Unless Shoaib thinks that people in India will  buy his books to burn them. But, he seems to forget that we have a system of reproducing cheap paperbacks overnight for this very purpose.

Look at Share Warne. What a genius he was – no, I am not referring to his bowling skills. He knew he had to make money from IPL. What did he do ? He just said Sachin gave him nightmares and he could never sleep well. We just loved him and gave Rajasthan Royals captaincy.

Shoaib, don’t waste time. Take the next immediately available flight to Australia. You might still get some tips on how to salvage the situation. Liz Hurley can vouch for this talent of Shane Warne.



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