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Pranab Babu, did you take your first step towards the post of “President of India”

September 23, 2011

My wicked friend is at work again. All the TV Channels and the panelists – which included an IIM Bangalore professor have started pointing out the power struggle between Chidambaram and Pranab Mukerjee on the 2G issue.

I had mixed feelings – one on the 2G matter and the other was on this IIM professor. My feelings towards 2G is irrelevant. Every body has a view on that and we have now discussed that to death. But, if I have to draw any conclusions from the way the professor of IIM talked and his body language, then I pity the IIM kids who are taught by him.

Like most of the people, I also was wondering why Pranab Babu is out to get Chidambaram. In the first place, congress doesn’t have a chance of coming back to power in the next election. Secondly, even if it did, both of them will never become Prime Ministers. Either it will be our amul boy Rahul or somebody trusted by the mother and the son. By no stretch of imagination do they trust either Pranab Da or Chidambaram. Both of them are too wily to be trusted with a Prime Minister post.

When my friend kept smiling at me as I spoke, I knew he was ready with his analysis. Here it goes.

Pranab Da wants to become the President of India. It is one job which doesn’t involve any hard work and you can be happy for the next 5 years with all the luxuries you want. Pranab Da also knows that Congress with all its problems can’t alone decide his fate. He needs the support of BJP. He also knows that a letter like the one he sent on 2G will not make any difference to the fate of Chidambaram. But, it gives something for BJP to jump around. He is hoping that this help will be repaid by BJP at the appropriate time.

I have started admiring my friend more than before.

  1. Srini,
    Prathiba jeee the current president is gunning for a second term…

    • We should now amend the constitution and have 2 presidents. Spending 5 years alone and doing nothing can be boring.

  2. Happy reader permalink

    yeah..vacation is better when you have company!!

    • Yes. Even more if the company is not of the same gender

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