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“My sources” say Mr. Manmohan Singh is fed up of being the Prime Minister of India

September 27, 2011

Indian television channels are a source of fun, frustration, disgust all put together. No news channel today is better than the other – probably that is the reason all of them claim to have won awards for being the best channel under various categories. It is like a beauty contest – best hands award, best legs award, best nose award etc – when you can’t give an award for the person as a whole.

The TV anchors have reduced themselves to gossip mongers. Everybody uses the same phrase “our sources” say……….. I have never understood this business of sources. If a private meeting happens between Sonia Gandhi and Chidambaram, how can a source say Chidambaram offered to quit. Then the source has to be either Sonia or Chidambaram !!

Then, we have a set of people who are willing to come on national TVs day after day to discuss the same thing. Have they also become jobless like me ?. Mr. Subramaniam Swamy is becoming a joke. Why doesn’t he go and argue in court instead of using the media to accuse all politicians ?

I am not for a second saying our politicians are honest. But, what is the point in beating a dead horse day in day out ? How does it matter what Pranab Mukerjee thinks about Chidambaram. The whole world knows that Raja did what he did under the very nose of every minister in UPA. The news channels are doing a dissection like we used to do frog dissection in class 12 Zoology lab.

Where is Mr. Prannoy Roy ? He also seems to be disgusted with the quality of news channels and has left us in the hands of Barkha Dutt, Arnab Goswami, Rajdeep Sardesai and  Rahul Kanwal.

My frustration has now driven me to watch Nokia Champions trophy cricket.



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