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If BJP is not careful, it might end up coming back to power at the centre and regret it.

September 27, 2011

My wicked friend is at work again. He feels that BJP is really treading on thin ice. They are getting into a dangerous area and might end up pushing UPA to call for mid-term election and might even end up winning it. I am taken aback by this view. I thought mid-term election is what BJP is looking for and why is it bad for them ?

Here is my friend’s analysis. Let us assume that there is mid-term election and BJP with its NDA allies comes back to power. The first problem they have is choosing a Prime Minister. Sine there is mutual hatred among Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar, we might end up having L.K.Advani as the Prime Minister. So, we start off with an older man than the previous one as PM of India – tribute to India’s young population !!!!

What are the issues that BJP led NDA has to handle ? First, they have to deal with Anna and his Jan Lokpal Bill. Close on its heels is the “Telengana” issue. The way Europe is crumbling and the Rupee taking a hit, even god can’t bring inflation down soon – how long will you subsidise the Petroleum sector?

2G issue is already in the court and the way it is going, the case will fall flat on its face and the government of the day has to carry the can of public disgust. Bringing Black money back is another huge issue. It is easier to give sermons but it is another matter to convince the swiss guys to part with the information.

Add to all the above, increased threat from Pakistan which is getting support from China after it has decided to take US head on. If BJP still manages to come out of all this alive, Anna will come back with his demand for electoral reform bill. All this has to happen over the next 2 years.

Remember, we still have not accounted for other possible problems like “alliance compulsions”, Amma Jayalalitha’s tantrums, internal fights in BJP etc. Looking at all this, my friend thinks it may be a good idea for BJP to allow UPA to tread the next 2 year path and then go for the kill. Till such time you have Arnab Goswami of TIMES NOW to keep us all entertained.

I had no choice but to think “aisa wicked friend bhi zaroori hai yaar”

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    This “friend” of yours is well qualified to be the political advisor to the opposition party. Should apply..then maybe we’ll be spared of all the nonsense.

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