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Birbals work only for Corporates

October 3, 2011

My wicked friend has put all his wealth at stake. He is willing to bet that no big corporate owner will go behind bar in 2G case. Here is a small caveat – CBI might arrest them and put them in Tihar for a few months but will NEVER be able to prove any of its allegations.

I asked my friend about his chances of winning the bet – was he so sure of CBI’s incompetence or the clout of Indian Corporates. He said neither but pure common sense.

Of course, his common sense is never common and he could see from my face that I was struggling to understand his “logic”.

According to him -if you look at the available statistics – persons who have excelled in the department of both Income Tax and CBI, after retirement, have always ended up with plum jobs with Indian Corporates. These individuals know the intelligence level of all their ex colleagues in their respective departments.

No corporate worth its salt will ever do any structuring without consulting these experts. They route their funds from different entities only after making sure that it can never be proved by both IT and CBI.

Add to the above our age old judicial system and stone aged company law. Now that gives you the play ground to do whatever you want and whenever you want. If Kasab can’t be given death penalty even after such an act of crime watched live by “probably all the judges in India”, then you can imagine the way our judicial system works.

He summed it up by comparing it to Akbar – Birbal story. Birbal made lot of wealth by making a fool out of Akbar but never ever was proved to be dis-loyal or corrupt. He actually died a natural death.

I realized in today’s India we have too many Birbals in all corporates but very few with intelligence agencies.

  1. true

    • Do you also need any Birbals ??

  2. Amazingly true

  3. Anonymous permalink

    In the current situation even “Akbar” is corrupt…

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