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Anna, you are doing a blunder………Don’t you have smart advisors ?

October 4, 2011

Today Anna has announced that he would request voters not to support Congress in the election to 5 states if Jan Lokpal bill is not passed.

As per my wicked friend this is going to be a massive mistake by Anna. What Anna has not realized is that this is exactly what Congress wants.

For Congress this is great news. In reality, Congress is in power in only two states – Goa and Manipur. In both these states, they are just hanging in there and certainly will not come back to power. Goa is in the news for Mining scandal and Manipur is suffering from economic blockade for more than 60 days and people are struggling to get basic necessities.

Congress is non-existent in Uttar Pradesh – it has only 22 seats in an assembly size of 403. In Uttarakand, BJP is in power and will be struggling to save it. Again in Punjab, the pressure is on BJP and its NDA partner to retain the power.

Anna is planning to go to Uttar Pradesh first. This is going to be a disaster. Not only Congress has nothing to lose here, by asking voters not to vote for Congress, Anna will be indirectly supporting Mayawati or Mulayam Singh Yadav who are very definitions of corruption.

If by chance Congress gets more seats – which is very likely in UP, then it will seriously affect Anna’s effectiveness and Congress will start ignoring him. Either ways, it is a no-win situation for Anna.

Anna seems to be ignorant of the old school saying – A perceived strength is always more than the actual strength. He is actually getting into a tossing of coin situation where “heads” he loses and “tails” congress wins.


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