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Shabash Shahrukh

October 6, 2011

Rajnikanth’s films never fail to make money in box office. The worst Rajni film makes more money than most super hits of other heroes.

Rajni’s business plan is brilliant. He caters to most of 62 million Tamil Nadu population. His crowd normally sees his movies at least 3 times if the movie is a hit. Otherwise they see it at least once. This crowd doesn’t bother about movie reviews either on TV or in newspapers – any way who has the guts to rate a Rajni movie below 4 on a scale of 5 ?

Rajni’s contemporary is Kamal, but his movies are aimed mostly at thinking audience. This crowd looks at reviews before moving its backside to a movie hall. Hence, you have more flops of Kamal movies at the box office.

Of late, Salman has adopted Rajni’s business model in Hindi cinema. It seems to be working well for him. Aamir, is more like Kamal but a little lucky that his movies have not failed recently. But except for one or two his movies haven’t made big bucks either.

Shahrukh is in between. Although he makes money, he does only one or two movies a year. Since he spends big money, his risks are higher. He seems to have spent quite a bit on Ra-one. He had to have a fool proof plan to get back his massive investment.

It is impossible to change your “positioning” overnight. Hence, he has come out with this brilliant insurance policy. Instead of banking on the hindi audience, he has focussed on Tamil audience by roping in Rajni. Since Rajni doesn’t do many films in a year, his audience will be dying to see him on the screen even if it a non tamil movie.

Shahrukh will definitely make massive money in Ra-one irrespective of how it does in hindi belt.

Shabash Shahrukh


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  1. Good analysis Srini…you cannot go wrong with Rajani saar

  2. any case RaOne is Robot II

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