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Steve Jobs – Did you do justice to your life ?

October 8, 2011

Steve jobs left us. Everybody misses him. Nobody doubts about his achievements and we all call him an amazing man with amazing focus.

During this hour of sorrow nobody should ask any questions which will in anyway dilute Steve Job’s contribution to this world. But, as usual, my wicked friend is different. He has charted his own path and will always think differently.

According to him, Steve lived for others. The power of being famous was the driving force. He seemed to forget that he had a family to live for. Even after learning that he had a disease that could take him away from this world, he decided to pursue his work rather than spending time with his family.

Instead of sharing his life experiences with his kids himself, he left it to some one else to write his biography. Strange – he wanted his kids to understand him through the book than from him directly. Did he think that the wealth he had created would be sufficient for them to lead the rest of their life luxuriously and his absence from their life didn’t mean anything ?

He was no different from most of us. We do the same thing. Work our backside off without taking holidays, without spending quality time with our family, without seeing our daughters and sons grow up, without enjoying the trivial things of life like attending family get togethers – all of this to secure our future life. In this journey, quite a few of us have died before reaching half way to that “future”. During all our life, we wouldn’t have had the time to see a sunset or a moon rise.

Leads us to the multi million dollar question – how much is enough ?

There is no answer to this. We are all a victim of  “greed”. Any discussion on this will always be inconclusive – there are always reasons to earn more and more to secure that distant future for our family not realizing that the family is already drifting apart from us today and probably we may never see that future.

Do we ever get the courage to enjoy today without worrying excessively about tomorrow ?Do we ever have the sanity of living for ourselves than be in the rat race always ? Do we ever get to enjoy god’s creations with our loved ones ?

God, please give me the strength to be like my friend.



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  1. Wicked Friend permalink

    I think its easier to look at it in perspective… When he started Apple, NeXT, Pixar and then at Apple again, I dont think he expected to die this like all of us he thought that he’d have enough time to spend with his family after achieved everything…
    A lesson for us no doubt…

    • True. But god had warned him once through his cancer detection. Like us he was also “planning” to live well but never lived.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    I think he did more than justice to his life..He did “what he liked the most”, and he did it “exceptionally well” till the last day he was able to do it. It may seem to others that he deprived himself of other things, but if you look from his perspective, he could not have done it unless he “absolutely” loved what he did (more than his life)!!

    Not much is known about his private life we can’t say he did not spend “quality” time with them (which is not always dependent on quantity)…but he did take time to uncover his past and trace his biological parents and sister..and dropped out of college to avoid spending his parents hard earned money on his education….which should tell that he “cared”.

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