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Anna – Are you the new King Maker ?

October 10, 2011

I was amused when Digvijay Singh of Congress made an allegation that BJP had offered to make Anna the President of India and was waiting for somebody in BJP to laugh it off.

Surprisingly, Mr. Advani avoided this question today and created more confusion

for supporters of Anna who are already wondering why  Anna and his team are getting into mainstream politics when his stated agenda was to get Jan Lokpal bill passed.

Everybody knows that Congress has to take the initiative of passing the Jan Lokpal bill (or some version of the bill) in the parliament. Anna could have achieved this easily by just threatening to campaign against it in the state assembly polls. By actually doing it in the by- election at Hissar, he is taking congress head on. Not only that, he is inviting aggressive comments from congress leaders which they had stopped long back.

Why is Anna forcing Congress to attack him ?

My wicked friend thinks that Anna’s priorities have changed and he now wants to capitalize on his fame and become a King maker. Hence, he DOES NOT WANT the bill to be passed in the winter session. Strange, but if you see his analysis you can’t fault him.

Anna seems to have realized that 2 years in politics is too long – (next general election is only in 2014). If some version of Lokpal bill is passed now, Congress will take credit for that in the next Lok Sabha elections. After 2 years, it becomes difficult for Anna to tell the public that Congress had to be forced to pass the bill and the credit should actually come to him.

It is easier to defeat congress by not passing the Lokpal bill rather than by passing it now. Anna is hoping to annoy congress so much that it will delay the passing of the bill. Surprisingly, Anna, who used to take every decision after consulting the crowd at Ramlila Maidan during his famous fast, decided this attack on Congress on his own.

Many a great leaders have fallen into this trap before. History shows that most dictators of today were the most adorable leaders when they started off. Power is like drugs, alcohol and other vices – easier to keep away without trying even once but difficult if you taste it once. Even the great Mahatma enjoyed being a King maker.

I sincerely hope that my wicked friend is wrong and strangely my wicked friend – who is a great fan of Anna is also sincerely praying God that he be proved wrong this time.


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  1. Having tasted fame and being the toast of the nation for more than a couple of months, post-ramlila-days must be feeling like an anticlimax. Without a doubt Anna must have started off with nothing but the passing of the JLP bill as the agenda but as the wicked “old” friend (I think that is a better description) puts it priorities must have changed.

    The team around him must be “credited” for much of this change in priorities as well. For the most part (with the possible exception of the maverick Bedi & Hegde) the rest of the inner Hazare team are themselves flawed characters whose agendas are at best “suspect”. Kejriwal, Bhushans etc.. Why even Medha Patkar of the failed NBA – a much lesser leader than Aruna Roy – thought nothing of taking on the latter using this platform created by someone else. Very often the coterie’s actions are a clear give-away. No wonder Mr. Hegde started distancing himself, quite a while back.

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