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Atithi Devo Bhava

October 10, 2011

Hi Ajmal Kasab, I am a stupid Indian staying in a big city. I am sure you don’t know me because I was not in any place where you shot dead so many people – not that you recognized any of those killed either.

You came to our country uninvited nearly 3 years back. But, without your own knowledge you entered a country which traditionally treats everyone as its guest. We are brought up like that – everybody who comes to our door step is a guest and we are not even supposed to call them “bloody guest”.

You are fortunate that our freedom fighter was Mahatma Gandhi who taught us how to get slapped the second time if at all we are slapped once. He has told us that we should treat everybody with compassion. Unlike Newton’s law, action and reaction in our country are NOT equal and NOT opposite.

You are a lucky b*****d because you are in a country where almost all our judges of all possible courts saw you killing people but still want to follow every single thread of law that exists in our law books to prove it. They are willing to speed track cases like 2G but when it comes to dealing with you, they have all the time in the world.

Our country is struggling to put Rs.32 per month into the pockets of most of our people to lift them above the poverty line, but is willing to spend millions on you to keep you fit. Probably the life that you are leading in our jails is far more luxurious than what you would have led in your own country.

You enjoy a security cover which is probably more than that of our Prime Minister. Why ? because we still feel you have something more to say which you have not said all these days.

We are not complaining about you anymore because we already did it by lighting many candles immediately after your dastardly act. Our TV channels have lost interest in you. Now they have other better jail mates of yours to talk about.

You are the luckiest criminal – To start with you can seek pardon from our President who will take at least ten years to make up her mind. Even after that, we have quite a few Chief Ministers who will plead to reduce your death sentence to life imprisonment.

I have a request for you. As a guest, you need to reciprocate our generosity. Why don’t you commit suicide and make us feel happy ? Because, we don’t know how to get rid of our guests. I promise you at least I will observe your suicide day as “Kasab’s day” for the rest of my life


From → Mumbai Blast

  1. He is probably living a better life here in jail than he did in his own f***ing country…

    Makes me sick !!!!

  2. ..sorry you mentioned that in your article..just thought I’d vent as well…

    Where the hell is the SCREAM button ??????

  3. As a contrary view, what Kasab did is, to kill people in a country with billion people living in hunger & poverty, where as the other “VIP” inmates currently in jail did the worst – made people live in miserable condition by robbing them of their livelihood & under the British archaic laws, eating away all tax payers money for bad governance. Not sure who is more harmful to our nation. That does not mean I endorse killing people, however, it is a different point of view

  4. Anonymous permalink

    The implementors of our constitution and our politicians are soulless criminals themselves who do not have a conscience or “zameer”.. In short, they have sold our country to the dogs. Who knows they are earning money by protecting this devil…and have plans to get him released…

    Regarding who is the worse devil..I think its just a different style of killing..Kasab shot those innocent people and these politicians provide a slow painful death…Both are DEVILS..The whole SYSTEM sucks!!

  5. Judges are right, Kasab has right to be heard and he will definately tell “Indian’s are C******ya’s and deserve to be killed”.

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