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At least Bookie Majeed is proud of his connections with Bajji and Yuvi !!

October 11, 2011

We Indians always jump up and react to every sentence uttered by anybody under the sun when it comes to cricket. We just don’t want to hear anything adverse about our cricketers.  We have TV channels which mourned about  Majeed – Bajji – Yuvi connection more than the death of the great Ghazal Maestro Jagjit Singh.

The recent utterances that have caused distress to us are the ones by Afridi saying things not palatable to us after world cup defeat, Shoaib Akhtar boasting Sachin was scared of his fast bowling and now this Majeed boasting about his connections with Bajji and Yuvi.

In my view both Bajji and Yuvi should feel nice. The way both of them are playing (rather most of the time not playing) not even their relatives want the world to know about their nearness to these two. At least, here somebody is feeling proud that he knows both the unpredictable and flashy cricketers.

I am sure Majeed must have said all this immediately after the world cup because after the England series even he would have felt foolish saying such a thing.

Why is that Bajji and Yuvi are getting agitated. They have not done anything worthwhile which can be doubted and can be attributed to their connection with Majeed. In fact they can actually pretend that they are capable of performing better but are not doing because of obligations to Majeed. At least that makes us fans feel a little better and we can still be under the illusion that we have a world class spinner and a great middle order left hander who is our answer to Sobers.

Dhoni must be wondering why the hell Majeed doesn’t know him. Now that most of Indian fans are trying to forget him, he would have preferred to have at least one fan although the friendship can be a little tainted. But like what happened to India in England all these black daags can be easily “whitewashed”.

Airtel – are you watching ? Yuvi and Bajji are excellent choice for your advertisement with Majeed standing next to them and the two cricketers muttering “aisa har ek friend zaroori hota hai”.

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    It is such a shame…nowhere in the world is the density of corruption as high as in indian politics and indian sports. We should just shun them!!

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