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Pinky pinky ponky, don’t kick me like a donkey

October 13, 2011

It was really sad to see Mr. Prashant Bhushan being manhandled by a Sri Rama Sena gang member yesterday. It is really a miracle that Mr. Bhushan got away with mild injuries.

This is the same gang which indulged in violence a few years back in Mangalore against valentine day celebrations. They had then beaten up quite a few couples. To protest against their action, a group had organized to despatch large number of pink coloured chaddis (half -pants) to its its leader.

Probably, the purpose of sending the “pink coloured” outfit was to tell them that their courage was no where near that of REAL MEN. Mythologically, Lord Sriram won his war against Ravana by leading a “vanara sena” (Sena of modern day monkeys). True to that spirit, this modern age Sriram Sena gang was till recently behaving like only monkeys.

Only yesterday, they displayed characteristics of another animal by kicking Mr. Bhushan. Is it the pink chaddis which brought out this hidden animal -donkey within them ?

While we condemn this act, there is also a lesson for some of our activist / lawyer/ self appointed guardians of our society.  One should not get carried away by a few days of stardom -courtesy our gossip monging news staved TV channels and start giving “Gyan” on every subject. Mr. Bhushan should have kept himself to Anna movement. As it is he has to answer many uncomfortable questions in that area.

I guess Pink as a colour is lot more aggressive than other colours.


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