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Are you arrested for corruption ? – Congrats, Government will pay for your treatment

October 16, 2011

We live in a country of comedy and circus. If you look at what happens in day to day life of ours, you can’t make up your mind whether to cry or laugh. Our life is just like the famous dialogue of villain Ajeet – “ Is ko liquid oxygen me daal do. Liquid ise jeene nahi dega, aur oxygen ise marne nahi dega”

Do we feel happy that our corrupt netas are finally going behind bars ? The moment they are arrested, they will develop problems in all parts of their body – blood pressure, kidney failure, heart problem, back ache – name it … they have it.

The court then allows then to be treated at OUR EXPENSE. So, we are damned if they are corrupt and damned more if they are arrested.

Why the hell should the courts worry about the health of anybody who is denied bail ? If the courts are doing their job, the person who doesn’t get the bail deserves to suffer and that has to be the deterrent.

If we let a few corrupt guys suffer without medical treatment after going to jail, that itself will probably bring down corruption. In any case our investigating agencies will never prove  any case against any accused and they will certainly get away with it after a few months behind bars. If we can manage to bring in them the fear that during that stay behind bars they might die due to their bad health and lack of medical facilities, then we can expect corruption to come down faster.

Anna, don’t you think this is more powerful than “Right to Recall” . Let us call this  “Right to get rid of them for ever”.


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  1. Soon theres going to be a book called “Evading Arrest for Dummies”….this tactic is going to be listed as #1.

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