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Once a fool is always a fool

October 20, 2011

Mr. Yeddyurappa (Yeddy for short) finally went behind bars for all the sins that he committed  in his short tenure as Chief Minister of Karnataka.

My wicked friend is extremely pained not because we were ruled by a corrupt man but by a man who is proving that he is an idiot of the biggest order.

The man left too many trails of his sin so that even a private complaint could nail him fair and square. He spent all his time as Chief Minister by fighting the Governor, his own party men and managed to isolate himself – allegedly to be in the constant company of a lady minister.

He had more faith in the combined powers of all the gods and goddesses of the three southern states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala than in his own ministers when it came to governing the state.

Now after being arrested, he is again proving that he is a fool. He doesn’t seem to understand the basics. Courts will give bail only if they are convinced that the accused can’t influence and intimidate witnesses if he is out in the open.

In the last three days all his antics are captured by all TV channels and his powers are in full display. Now that he has shown he can make the present Chief Minister of Karnataka, the prison Minister and other cabinet ministers come all the way to meet him in the hospital and jail, he has proved beyond doubt that he is more dangerous outside jail. Literally he has screwed his own case. I think a failed seventh standard student would have advised him against this.

This blog is written just before his bail plea is heard in high court. Does he have a chance of getting the bail? The last time I checked, the judges of high court have a qualification which is more than seventh standard pass.


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  1. Wicked Friend permalink

    I was half expecting him to flash the V sign from behind the sheets…

  2. The matter is sub-judice. This post is trying to unduly put pressure on our well-qualified judges through innuendos 😉

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Either he unknowingly dug his own grave or the high profile visitors deliberately succumbed to the pressure, to ensure he stays there for a long time!!

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