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“Amma” Jayalalitha, you should be in the company of gods and goddesses

October 22, 2011

We the people of Karnataka are the privileged lot. First, our own elected leaders loot us, then our courts make us pay for the hospital expenses of the jailed politicians and now the supreme court nails us by telling us that we should give Z-category protection for Amma Jayalalitha to prove her “innocence” in the courts of Karnataka for her looting of Tamil Nadu.

Amma on her part, deserves to have a place with our gods and goddesses. She just doesn’t know how so many slippers, sarees, gold chains, silver wares and properties were in her name. She believes that it was a god’s miracle that they happened to be in her place when the raid took place and they actually do not belong to her.

To utter this nonsense, she spent crores of rupees on her helicopter ride from Chennai to Bangalore and our judges in Karnataka set up a separate ‘safe’ temporary court for her and spent a few more crores on her security.

Looks like it is more exciting to be corrupt. It is like being a villain in a hindi movie. He gets to enjoy with the heroine for most part of the film and the poor hero probably gets to have intimate moments only for the last few minutes.

No wonder, we have a phenomenal sense of humour – just that most of the times it is a poor joke on ourselves.


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  1. Wicked Friend permalink

    So why was she tried in Bangalore? Was it because of the weather?

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