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Is Destiny another name for Foolishness

October 28, 2011

We have a habit of disguising our foolishness and blaming it on destiny. We have a house help who is sixty plus – we call her Mrs. B and she earns Rs. 4,000 a month (roughly USD 70 a month). She is not in the best of health and we make sure that she doesn’t do anything which tires her.

Her son earns a salary of approximately Rs. 12,000 and the family of 5 is run with an income of Rs. 16,000 per month. This obviously puts them in a low income category and gives them all the right to abuse our finance minister for not being able to manage inflation. She blames destiny for her present state. They don’t spend money for accommodation as she is staying in her own house which is built on a 1200 sq ft plot the market value of which today is Rs. 75 lakhs !!!!!.

During one of her ‘minister bashing morning” my wicked friend who visits us frequently couldn’t resist but point out to her that she can easily move into upper middle class if she wanted. Here is the solution offered by my friend to her. Sell the property for 72 lakhs and invest in State bank of India fixed deposit at interest rate of 9.75% per annum. This will get her a monthly interest of Rs. 60,000 and with her son’s salary of Rs. 12,000 she has now Rs. 72,000 per month. Even if she takes a 3 bedroom house on rent which costs Rs. 18,000 a month, her remaining money of more than 50,000 will allow her to lead a great life from TODAY. All this with 75 lakhs still in the bank !!!

But her answer puzzled us. She feels the property will be worth 1 crore in the next 3 to 4 years. She is willing to live in poverty today for a distant richness. I am sure when the property reaches 1 cr, she will wait for it to reach 1.5 cr.

This is not just the story of Mrs. B. This is how all of us live – We pass on family gold from grand mothers to mothers to grand daughter stashed in an antique Godrej Almirah, keep the ancestral property for generations and continue to work till we drop dead. The excuse – we are working for a golden tomorrow.  I hope all of us will be alive to see THAT golden tomorrow.

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  1. ..aah the famous pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…

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