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Anna, for heaven’s sake stop acting like a small kid

November 1, 2011

My wicked friend is the most disillusioned person today. He was in the fore front of Anna’s fast and was delighted after the fast ended with the promise of Lokpal bill in winter session of parliament.

However, last few weeks have been very cruel to him. He was miffed by the ‘childish’ logic of Arvind Kejriwal about campaigning against Congress in Hissar. He is equally sad that both Kiran Bedi and Kejriwal continue to abuse Congress ministers when they depend on them for passing the bill.

He just can’t understand the logic of Kejriwal. In one breath he says he wanted to put pressure on Congress and hence campaigning against them in Hissar and at the same time he doesn’t hesitate to abuse the same congress in every forum he gets. Common sense says you don’t abuse the person from whom you are expecting something to be done.

Anna again did another blunder. He went into “Maun Vrat”. Ideally he should have asked his famous trio of Kejriwal, Bedi and Prashanth Bhushan to do Maun Vrat for at least six months. So, the net result – foot in the mouth comments by the trio over and over again. All the good work done during the famous fast ruined in a few days.

My friend thinks Anna is equally jobless like me. Otherwise, why would he keep threatening like a small kid that he would go for another fast if Lokpal bill is not passed in the winter session ? Congress knows very well what happened during the last fast and there is no need to keep telling that there would be another fast. By repeating this every day, even the most ardent fans of Anna are getting very embarrassed.

For a change, Anna should talk about upcoming India -West Indies cricket series. Because when it comes to cricket, we can talk endlessly especially after our recent revenge victory over England.


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  1. When congress (Sonia Gandhi) is acting as Mom, I don’t see any problem with Anna acting as small kid. Even MK Gandhi did the same with East India Company (Queen Victoria), history repeats. And we pay the price.

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