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It is not easy to be an Indian

December 18, 2011

I was away from blogging for more than two months now. But, it appears very little has happened – Anna continues to threaten government with fasting everyday. Kiran Bedi and Co quickly clarify that “only Anna” will be fasting. Somebody gets slapped for inflation and Mohandas Pai continues to make a fool of himself on TV by trying to relate completely unrelated things – now we know why Narayana Murthy denied him Director’s post in Infosys.

Dhanush (Rajnikant’s son-in-law) has gifted us a “Kolaveri” word which can be used billion times in our everyday life. Veena Malik has tried to show whatever “assets” she has. Meanwhile, our “sardar” spinner is robbed of his passport also – I guess somebody is trying to make sure that he doesn’t go to Australia even if all our bowlers are injured. Yuvraj has managed a sympathy wave for himself. Pity, he is not contesting in any elections.

Sachin continues to make us wait. I guess he will not score his 100th century unless the government assures him of Bharat Ratna title. Vinod Kambli has given hope to millions of Ranji trophy cricketers that one day they can also comment on cricket in NEO cricket channel – level of cricket analysis is falling faster than Indian Rupee against dollar.

Finally, Congress has given up on Indian Aviation industry. They have got rid of it by giving the ministry to Ajit Singh – what a bargain buy for congress !! Mamta Banerjee is now confused – one day she has to blame congress for fuel price hike, next day CPM for hospital fire, third day again congress for FDI and fourth day again CPM for “Hooch” tragedy. Imagine, if BJP was also a big party in Bengal what would have been her fate – Seven days in a week would not have been sufficient.

Finally, Montek Singh continues to blabber that economy is resilient and inflation will come under control soon. Now, you see why it is not easy to be an Indian. Thankfully, THE YEAR IS COMING TO AN END.

Merry Christmas and a very happy new year.

  1. Welcome back..
    You forgot Big Boss with Andrew Symonds and his look alike Sonny Leone…

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Boring, Stereotyped and Nonsense events happenning everyday. With our huge population and their varying sentiments, even stupid things get glorified and create a huge hype..its hard to put up with all of this!!

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