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Anna – will you end up as the Abhimanyu of today’s Mahabharata ?

December 28, 2011

My wicked friend who is an ardent follower of Anna, has started throwing up whenever he sees the three musketeers on TV – Kiran Bedi, Arvind Kejriwal and Prashant Bhushan. These  three characters have destroyed the old man Anna both physically and mentally.

Poor Anna is not able to come out of their shackles and struggling. Now he will be forced to do something which will destroy all his reputation once and for all – Campaigning against Congress in assembly polls.

The argument of the three cronies which is parroted by other members of India Against Corruption is the most ridiculous argument ever heard in modern history. Every time they defend their action against Congress, they leave a huge trail of evidence to show that they are working for BJP. Nobody would have bothered about their views but unfortunately they are using Anna’s shoulders to fire their bullets. Here are a few of the contradictions.

They want the Lokpal at the centre but will not utter a word when the bill tries to include Lokayuktas in the state also. BJP doesn’t want this and the three cartoons don’t say a word.

They want Prime Minister under Lokpal but the best Lokayukta passed by BJP excludes the Chief Minister. The three are silent on this and have not uttered one word against this.

They want C and D category under Lokpal. But most Lokayuktas don’t have C and D categories. Again deafening silence.

In one breath, they say the problems of common man has to be solved but in another breath they want control over CBI. It is the Lokayuktas which handle your day to day problem and they don’t have anything to say against states which have no Lokayukta. Gujarat is a classic case of no Lokayukta.

The ultimate insult to intelligence is when people like Kirron Kher and Anupam Kher start participating in debates. They are doing more harm to Anna than any good. They are strengthening the belief that Anna is working for BJP. The only saving grace is the pretty face of Shazia Ilmi. Atleast, she wears designer dresses for TV debates and is there on all channels with a smile.

Poor Anna is like Abhimanyu. He has got into a chakravyuh and but struggling to come out. Let us just pray that his fate will not be the same as that of Abhimanyu.


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  1. Arun VB permalink

    Most in the BJP have accepted that it was “Rahul’s dream” to make this a constitutional body thus giving it to the congress and Rahul Gandhi…Now BJP seems to be falling into the trap!

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Even Team Anna criticised the karnataka and finest government where BJP is ruling.

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