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Happy (??) New year

January 1, 2012

Good morning 2012.

My wicked friend’s prediction for New Year –

Sachin will finally score his hundredth century and we will all forget Melbourne disaster. TV channels will code and decode his life – how he proved he was a genius right from childhood by holding his diaper like a cricket bat etc for at least one week.

By then, we would have seen a few more batting disasters from Indian team and we will start talking about VVS Laxman’s age, Virat Kohli’s extra curricular nocturnal activities, Shewag’s arrogance and  Gambhir’s bad luck post marriage and why Manoj Tiwari should replace somebody in the team.

Thankfully, by mid Feb, our focus will shift to  elections in Uttar Pradesh and “yuvraj” Rahul Gandhi will start getting eye balls. Every body and his or her grandmother will be on TV predicting election results of 5 states going to polls. Hopefully, Anna and team will be back on TV. I am missing Shazia Ilmi very badly already.

Petrol prices will go up again and economic slowdown will continue but Montek will continue to sing that we are on the right path. Mamta will continue to ruin the sleep of Congress leaders. Meanwhile, some more countries in Europe will run to Germany for help and soon the toughest question on KBC would be “what is Euro ?”

BJP and Congress will continue to disrupt parliament and we will continue to wonder why our politicians are not yet thrown to Arabian sea. It is now time for us to worry about the end of the world – remember 21st December 2012 !!!!. All the more reason for everybody in government to loot everything because anyway there will be nothing to loot after the ‘D’ day.

If we are lucky, we might get one more great bum shaking song from either Katrina or Kareena. Unfortunately, no famous actress (my wicked friend doesn’t believe Lara Dutta or Celina Jaitley as either famous or actress) is known to be pregnant yet and no celebrity birth

Now we know what to expect in the new year.  Happy New year.


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  1. Funny one to get the year started… May you have enough fodder to write about your wicked friend’s exploits…

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