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Are We Eternal Cribbers ??

January 4, 2012

According to my wicked friend, we Indians search for a reason to crib and be unhappy. For some unknown reason, we want all good things to happen to us always. I first dismissed his observation but when I thought over it I could see sense in what my friend was telling.

Let us look at cricket. Till a few years ago, we were very happy to win against Zimbabwe and Bangladesh. We experienced ecstasy whenever we won against Pakisthan. Slowly we started becoming greedy and now we want to win every test match, every one day match, every T-20. We don’t seem to understand that other countries also have some ambition and they also put efforts to achieve their goals.

Take international relations. Till a few years back, we were still a developing country. Not long ago we had reached a stage where government was pledging gold to save the economy. But, now we want to rub shoulders with developed countries and get annoyed when US doesn’t treat us like an equal partner.

When it comes to military, we refuse to believe that China is far more advanced just because we got free only in 1947 from the British and there is lot to catch up. We always compare ourselves with China and start cribbing why we can’t be like them.

Sometimes, our sorrows extend to even good things that we have. We have the best democracy (it is another matter whether we deserve it) but we blame that also for all the corruption and sins in the society. We are sad that we are not Singapore.

What is that which makes us so unhappy ? I don’t know the answer. But, I certainly know what makes us temporarily very proud of ourselves – Sachin’s century.

Mera Bharat Mahan

  1. Anonymous permalink

    All because of our big egos and complexes.
    As for China, we will surely beat them with our population!!

  2. Your wicked friend should start his own blog…

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