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Has Cricket become the play ground of jokers like Mihir Bose and Boria Majumdar ?

January 6, 2012

Any school kid who is watching debates on TV channels about India’s loss in Australia will immediately run and burn all the cricket gears. I think the “supposed to be experts” on cricket are no better than investment experts on CNBC.

It is a complete comedy when the “so called cricketers” like Atul Wassan and Arun Lal join hands with the football shaped Boria Majumdar and a comedian called Mihir Bose to analyse Indian batting and question the honesty of cricketers.

Till a few days back the same set of guys were hailing the trio of Sachin, VVS Laxman and Dravid. Today, they want their replacements. Till recently Dhoni was Captain Cool – now he is called Captain Clueless.

After all, what has happened for us to jump around like monkeys ? We are losing to a good team like Australia just like good teams get beaten in India. If we can’t play pace, they can’t play spin. Each team is a tiger in its territory. Has any team beaten Sri Lanka in their backyard consistently ?

Now, suddenly we clamour for youth. With the type of analysis and character assassination these guys do, no young cricketer can make it big. We just don’t allow them to succeed. Before scoring centuries, both Hussey and Ponting were on the verge of losing their place. Clarke had failed a dozen times before coming good. But, we can’t tolerate Dravid failing in three innings. We want Sachin to score only centuries – Even sixties and seventies are called failures. Every test defeat is termed national shame. Even England had lost many test matches in a row before becoming the top test team in the world.

Look at the cricketers who are giving expert advice. Arun Lal – 729 runs in 29 test innings and 122 runs in 13 ODIs & Atul Wassan – 10 wickets in 4 test matches and 11 wickets in 9 ODIs. Add to this, Boria Majumdar whose only qualification is that his face is as round as a cricket ball (although a little bigger with lesser shade of red) and Mihir Bose whose only claim to fame is that he is from London and lives closer to Lord’s cricket ground.

The only way forward is to ban these guys from commenting on cricket. It would be nice if Arnab Goswami sticks to his instigating tactics in political field only. Can’t we treat cricket as a sport and start enjoying without getting hyper.

Thank god, I am not a cricketer.


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