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Sehwag will make a great Statistics Teacher

January 13, 2012

The way Sehwag is batting in Australia, it is only a matter of time before he has to find some other profession to make a living. Since he already owns an international school, he has an opportunity to become a great teacher in Statistics.

One of the concepts the kids struggle to understand in Statistics is Mean, Median, Mode and Standard Deviation. It is always very difficult to give examples of how a Mean can be a big number when the Mode can represent a small number and how a standard deviation can be used to show poor level of consistency.

Sehwag has to just write down his scores in the last 5 years and every kid will become  a master in Statistics. Probably, it will be the only example in the world of mathematics where Mean can be as high as 50+ and Mode a guaranteed 0. Standard Deviation will probably go through the roof.

So, Sehwag has really got something to make a living. What will Kohli do ? I think teaching Piano may be a good option where “Fingers” can be used effectively. Since Ashwin may not make it big in Cricket, teaching Carrom is the next best option. Anyway, he is familiar with carrom ball – he just needs to change the balls to coins.

Laxman can become a groundsman as you may have noticed how he taps the pitch hundred times before every ball is bowled. He can also choose to be a priest as he is good at muttering lots of prayers when batting.

Dravid can be a quality inspector in any wood cutting industry and can tell how a wood is cut just by hearing the sound. His ears are tuned to the sound after being bowled so many times in the last ten test matches.

So, when these cricketers retire or forced to retire, they do have an alternate profession. As far as Scahin is concerned, no comments. May be he will play a few more years following in the foot steps of Kapil Dev (who frustrated everybody to death) and probably my grandson or granddaughter will watch him scoring that hundredth century that we are all looking forward to.


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