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Is Sachin a dreaded “ 6 letter word ” ?

January 17, 2012

We have lost another test by an innings and again everybody is giving his expert suggestions. Bishen Singh Bedi was lamenting as if his close relative or friend died at a very young age and Saurav suddenly started preaching about how to win on overseas pitches.  Kapil Dev completely forgot that he frustrated even small babies for 2 years to take 34 wickets (in 32 innings) to achieve the record of 434 wickets and talked about why young blood should replace Dravid and Laxman.

But, surprisingly everyone was silent on Sachin. They saw what none of us saw – fluent batting!!!!!! He is equally old and was worse than Dravid in the number of runs scored in Perth. If Dravid got bowled in both innings, he was LBW in both. How does that make him better ? Nobody is asking for his blood.

Fortunately for selectors, ICC did what selectors could never do. Dhoni got one match ban.    Going forward, we should request ICC to ban all eleven players whenever there is a slip up. That way, we can play new teams very frequently.

Indian cricket team is like Indian politics now. Nobody wants to govern the country and nobody wants to captain the cricket team.

The blame game was also quite interesting. Duncan Fletcher was done to death. I am wondering why we didn’t blame Gautam Gambhir’s wife ? After his marriage he has refused to spend more time on the pitch. Is this not fatal attraction ? I believe Sachin’s son was also there bowling to Indian batsmen and misleading them about the pace of the 22 yard playing surface.

In all this frustration, only one man is very happy. Our own Bajji. He must be thanking his stars for being not selected for this tour.

As far as Sachin is concerned, whether he plays some more tests or not, for now he can kiss the “Bharat Ratna” award good bye.


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