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Justice Ganguly – why did you play a reverse sweep on the last day in office ?????

February 4, 2012

We were all jumping with joy when Justice Ganguly cancelled all the 122 licenses issued by Raja. We felt he nailed the last nail in UPA government’s coffin. But the euphoria didn’t last long as my wicked friend walked in with a grumpy look on his face. He was livid because according to him Justice Ganguly bailed UPA government out of the 2G mess.

I was shocked but based on my previous experiences with him, wanted to know why. Here is his analysis.

The whole 2G scam and the adverse perceptions are completely based on the magic figure of the loss estimated by CAG at 1,76,000 Crores. A common man will only remember this number and will not bother about other technicalities. Left to itself, this number would have haunted Congress and the UPA till the next election in 2014.

By canceling the licenses and ordering a fresh issue within 4 months, Justice Ganguly gave an opportunity for Congress to auction these. Now, what happens ? Any corporate with its senses right will never venture into telecom sector and if somebody does, they will never bid a high amount. In all probability, the auctioned licenses will get not more than the fixed amount obtained before cancellation.

This will throw the estimated loss figure of 1,76,000 Crores out of the window. Congress will go to town singing the song that Kapil Sibal was right when he said there was Zero loss. This will take the wind out of the 2G scam for ever !!!!!

I was completely paralyzed by this analysis. Now I have a question for Justice Ganguly – You batted your entire career with a Straight bat but why did you play the reverse sweep off the last ball ??


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    Good analysis….this might become true – Manu

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