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Hi, My name is Srini and I am now settled in Bangalore. After working in corporate world (very successfully) for 22 years I decided to quit the rat race to pursue my dreams of catching up with whatever I missed during my years when I was running after money and power.

When I reflect back, I can see all the stupid things that I have done in the name of “strategy”, can now laugh at myself for all the “most complicated discussions” we used to have on various day to day things.

It  has now dawned on me that life is not as complicated as we “most educated” guys make it out to be. We seem to have forgotten how to laugh. We have started living as if we have to fulfil our duty of living – not enjoying.

This blog of mine is an attempt to look at day to day happenings in a simple way minus the complicated debates which you see on most of our TV channels. If you like it I am happy. If you don’t I am not sad.

Happy Reading……….(by the way I forgot to tell you. I  retired from active corporate life at the age of 46)

  1. Hi Srini,

    This is a great blog. Some of your posts are absolutely hilarious.
    I blog at MirrorCracked. Check it out, when you have the time. 🙂


    • Thanks Nikhil. I will visit your blog today

  2. Hello Srini,

    Thanks of visiting my blog, I liked your articles. And will try to go through most of them this WE.

    Keep it coming!

    Asta la Vista

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